Bart Baggett

Author, TEDx speaker, and author of the best-selling book The Magic Question.

Bart Baggett has written five books and dozens of video training courses since writing his first book at age 23.  In his long career, he has appeared on over 1500 radio and TV shows, 16 feature films, and now hosts the podcast called The Bart Show; The World's Most Interesting People.  While most famous for being able to quickly understand a person from their handwriting, his books have always included modern psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, NLP, and other easy-to-implement tools for greater happiness and success.  His latest program called PRISM Life Design Live has been called the "Greatest Personal Development system for designing a life of joy and success ever created!"

In 2023, Bart decided to give away over 100,000 copies of the Magic Question to readers worldwide in an effort to create massive change with a simple but powerful daily tool that created optimism and joy.  Grab your copy today before the promotion ends. 


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